Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Support Your Local Hospice

Hospices are places that help people live until they die. November is national Hospice Month, and I applaud all the good work that hospice does. If you’re looking for some very rewarding volunteer work, call you local hospice and volunteer to be a respite volunteer or to work in any other area of help they may need. We also need to be vigilant in preventing the pro-deathers from infiltrating hospices to make them places of killing rather than care.
November is national hospice month
At some point, many of us have had loved ones admitted into a health care facility, connected to all sorts of machines and hope we'll have the chance to say "good-bye" in some meaningful manner.
Considering there is no cure for the patient, what are the options?
Why not have a conversation before reaching that point about what the person wants for the end of their life. Dr. David McGrew, M.D., medical director at HPH Hospice provides a perspective on there being something to dying well.
"We as physicians and patients need to figure out better ways to deal with chronic and terminal illness treatments and have the end-of-life discussion," McGrew said. more

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