Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beware Those Who Call Killers "Quirky"

Here's a bonehead who's either a serious pro-deather or just plain ol' ignorant. OK, he's a lawyer, so maybe both. Anyone who thinks Jack Kevorkian is "quirky" rather than the crazed murderer he is, is loopy. Going as far as saying that assisted killing is a "dignified" way to go for people with disabilities is simply hate speech, in my so very humble opinion.
Neil Shapiro: Right to die gives dignity to disabled
I recently watched an HBO movie about Jack Kevorkian, the quirky Michigan doctor who assisted numerous people suffering painful, debilitating and ultimately fatal diseases to commit suicide, to die when they wanted to and on their own terms.
Parenthetically, Al Pacino's portrayal of "Dr. Death" was brilliant. The production addressed the schism between those who believe that we should have control over our own deaths, and others who believe it a sin to interfere with some supreme being's grand plan for us. more

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