Monday, March 7, 2011

Dr. Death Wants An Aussie Euthanasia Clinic

Aussie Dr. Death Philip Nitschke is proposing opening a euthanasia clinic in Aussie. He proposed a similar idea for London last week. He says this is an anticipatory move because he expects South Australia to pass a euthanasia bill later this year. You'll recall that that bill was slapped down pretty handily. What Nitschke is doing is a little more subtle: He's floating the idea now to draw media attention to his cause, and hoping this move will influence the euthanasia debate Down Under.
Australia may get euthanasia clinic
PLAN for Australia's first euthanasia clinic are likely to go ahead, Exit International director Dr Philip Nitschke says.
"There is a need for a service to provide end of life expertise for those considering using the new legislation. This is a specialist area where few doctors have expertise," Dr Nitschke said in a statement yesterday.
The proposal for the clinic, which will be built in either Hobart or Adelaide, has been developed in anticipation of voluntary euthanasia legislation expected to pass through the state parliaments later this year, he said. more

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