Friday, March 25, 2011

Aussie: Killers Looking Forward To Getting Rid Of Relatives If Euthanasia Legalized

Yes folks, Aussie has yet to legalize euthanasia but already relatives are coming out of the woodwork saying they can't wait for the law to take effect so they can have their relatives killed. Aren't we lucky???
Endless sorrow of futile care giving
TWICE a week for five years, Brian Leigep has kept a vigil at the bedside of his brother Mark.
He clips Mark's nails, updates him on life outside a bed he will probably never leave and puts on some of his favourite hip-hop music.
Mark never responds. He has been unable to communicate since a 2006 car crash in Elizabeth left him in a vegetative state.
As Health Minister John Hill yesterday backed a new push to introduce euthanasia in South Australia, Mr Leigep renewed his family's call that Mark be legally euthanised. more

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