Friday, March 4, 2011

Indian Media Reporting Heavily On Euthanasia

As we await the decision by India's Supreme Court in the case of Aruna Schaunbaug, the Indian media continues to present a fairly good set of reports on the issues.
Docs divided over euthanasia
MUMBAI: When the Law Commission, years ago, recommended that terminally ill patients be allowed to choose death to end their sufferings, those in favour of 'death with dignity' had rejoiced. Their joy however proved short-lived.
On Wednesday, the Centre rejected the Law Commission's recommendation. The same day, attorney general G E Vahanvati said in the Supreme Court that euthanasia is an un-Indian practice. He said that western parameters seldom applied to Indian culture. "We do not lead our terminally ill parents or kids to death. Who decides if one should live or die?" more

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