Sunday, March 27, 2011

India's Medicalized Killing Will Expand - Trust Me On This One

It's amazing how quickly India caved in to medicalized killing. The Aruna Shanbaug case was the catalyst. Look, over the next several years, for India to expand legalized killing to other groups, and for their "limited" euthanasia to be increasingly expanded.
India: euthanasia allowed in extreme cases
The case of a vegetative nurse has led to a landmark ruling on euthanasia.
Nearly four decades ago a janitor at a Mumbai hospital raped a young nurse, strangling her with a dog chain. The nurse, Aruna Shanbaug, plunged into a vegetative state from which she never recovered.
Thirty-seven years later, the courts say she could be allowed to die — should those who care for her deem it the best decision. Right-to-die activists are heralding the landmark ruling as as step forward, though in a somewhat surprising turn of events, the nurses who care for Shanbaug have not chosen to exercise this new right. more

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