Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aussie Pro-Deathers Look For End-Run If Euthanasia Not Legalized

More on the Aussie euthanasia debate, and a good example of how the pro-deathers attack on many fronts at the same time. Not only are they trying to legalize medical killing, but they’re also trying to introduce legislation that would exempt doctors who kill their patients in case the euthanasia law doesn't pass.
Health Minister backs doctor defence bill
Health Minister John Hill says proposed legal changes to give South Australian doctors a defence for administering medication which may cause death do not open the door for legalising euthanasia.
He is supporting a private member's bill put forward in State Parliament which would provide a defence if a medical practitioner were charged under the Criminal Law Consolidation Act for administering medicine which may hasten death.
Mr Hill says it is not about people having the right to euthanasia. more

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