Monday, March 7, 2011

India Court Denies Euthanasia For Aruna Shanbaug . . . BUT . . .

Well, here's the good news: India's Supreme Court has just handed down a decision in the case of India's Terri Schiavo, Aruna Shanbaug declaring that she not be euthanized. The bad news? They've left the door open for other cases where they seem to indicate "passive euthanasia" might be legal. Let's hope our side gets rolling in India and pushes back what will be, I'm sure, a flood of cases to test the Court's sentiments.
India court rejects Aruna Shanbaug euthanasia plea
India's Supreme Court has rejected a plea to end the life of a woman who has been in a vegetative state since 1973.
Aruna Shanbaug suffered severe brain damage and has been paralysed since a brutal rape in 1973.
But the court said the medical evidence suggested that she should live.
However, in what correspondents are calling a "landmark" judgment, the court also said some cases of euthanasia could be sanctioned if doctors were to file a case in court. more

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