Friday, March 25, 2011

More Aussie Pro-Death Spin

Here's another good example of pro-deather spin. Aussie pol comes out in favor of legalizing assisted suicide after watching his sister's painful death. Um, sorry, two problems here. One, she had repeatedly refused pain medication, hence, she was in pain. Two: ANYONE dying an excruciatingly painful death does so because the boneheads attending her don't know enough about pain management and palliative care.
Let them die in peace
HEALTH Minister John Hill stood at his sister's deathbed, surrounded by her family and friends.
They searched for anything that would relieve her awful pain and suffering. Battling a terminal case of cancer at the age of 47, she initially refused to accept the arrival of death and declined drugs and palliative care offered by doctors. As the gravity of the situation became apparent, she acquiesced and accepted medication that could lead to only one conclusion. more

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