Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oregon Two-Faced In Allowing Assisted Killing To Continue

Time for a macabre chuckle: Oregon, where the most legal assisted suicides happen in the US, is tut-tutting over the availability of helium head hoods that people use to commit assisted suicide - delivered to their door after internet ordering from California. Okey-dokey, so if the purpose of legalized assisted sucide is to not prosecute those that help out, why the problem? More likely, the desk jockeys in the Oregon state government want to absolutely control the process, so they continue to hide the ugly truth of assisted suicide in that state.
His mind was keen, his grin infectious. His passions were politics and sports. He read voraciously. His humor was prankish, his wit razor-sharp.
Born and raised in Eugene, he adored his parents and four brothers. He graduated from South Eugene High School and the University of Michigan.
For years, he struggled through bouts of pain and fatigue that defied medical diagnosis and left him depressed about his inability to carry on normal daily activities and fearful that he would never regain normal health.
He had dreams, ambitions, accomplishments and, say many who knew him, vast potential.
But three months ago, in the throes of a flu that upended a period of relatively good health, Nick Klonoski took his own life.
He had just turned 29.
Klonoski did not use any of the commonly known methods of suicide. Instead, he employed a “helium hood kit” that he ordered by mail from a two-person company in Southern California. more

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