Thursday, March 3, 2011

Canadian Media Sympathetic To Murderer

Canadian Mr. Bolton killed his wife - as in murdered - and then claimed it was euthanasia. Guess what the media does: brings up another case where a husband took his wife to Swiss Death clinic dignitas for assisted suicide, as if euthanasia or assisted suicide - both - are OK. We're in trouble, folks.
Euthanasia buzz hits close to home
Stephan Bolton, a Liverpool man, turned himself into police last week claiming he killed his terminally ill wife.
His claim pushed the subjects of euthanasia and assisted suicide back to the forefront of the news, reigniting the debate.
The story also thrust Windsor resident Eric MacDonald back into the spotlight.
June 8 will mark the four-year anniversary of the day MacDonald accompanied his 38-year-old wife to an assisted- suicide clinic in Switzerland, knowing he would return a widower. more

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