Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why The Fuss Over Assisted Suicide Drug For Execution?

So ironic. The media is creating a bit of a fuss about a death row inmate about to be put to death using the same drug that's used for assisted suicide while at the same time generally praising its use for helping people kill themselves.
US gov rejects mercy, paving way for inmate to be 1st executed with assisted suicide drug
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Friday rejected a request for mercy from a death row inmate, paving the way for the state to become the first to execute a prisoner solely with an anesthetic used for assisted suicides and medically induced comas.
The Republican governor denied the request by Johnnie Baston, 37, who's scheduled to die Thursday for killing Chong-Hoon Mah, a South Korean immigrant who operated retail stores in Toledo. The victim's family opposes the death penalty and the execution. more

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