Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ANOTHER Assisted Suicide Defense

Here's ANOTHER case of someone claiming that the dead body of his wife happened via assisted suicide, which is what he's charged with. That's a stretch. How do the authorities actually know it was an assisted suicide and not a murder?
Husband charged with assisting wife's suicide in Land O'Lakes
The woman lay lifeless on a blanket in the back yard, with another blanket covering her body. Near her head were gauges and hoses that were connected to the air conditioner.
Teresa Baldwin, 54, was dead. Her husband, James, 56, was nowhere to be found Friday evening when family members arrived at the couple's daughter's home. Several hours later, Pasco sheriff's deputies found James Baldwin.
The former air conditioner repair man told them he and his wife both planned to commit suicide by inhaling Freon, a common refrigerant that is poisonous if ingested. He said he hooked up the hoses and gauges. He said he lay on the blanket with his wife and that she opened a valve on the hoses. more

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