Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UK: Falconer Commission Head Openly Touts Assisted Suicide As OK

The Falconer Commission in the UK was set up to make recommendations as to whether assisted suicide should be legalized. Here's the head of the commission openly coming down on the pro-deathers side - even before the final commission report is published. The commission is stacked with pro-deathers. Anyone want to bet what the commission's final recommendation will be?
Suicide of Dan James convinced Lord Falconer that the law had to change
Head of the commission looking into reforms on assisted dying says doctors should Lord Falconer has read or listened to more than 1,000 submissions, endured foul abuse from an array of angry voices and, as head of the commission examining reforms to the law on assisted suicide, is predicting trouble even from his more rational critics when the conclusions are published next month.
But during a harrowing year, with Falconer hearing highly emotional pleas for change and also for the status quo, the encounter that made perhaps the biggest impression was the clinical recounting by officers from West Mercia police of the criminal investigation into the distraught parents of 23-year-old Dan James. This, he says, was one of the clearest indicators that the law which punishes the aiding, abetting or counselling of suicide with up to 14 years in prison is neither fair nor right. more

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