Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweden: Assisted Suicide Is "Civilized"

Not shocked, I am. Now the Swedes have a clandestine group of legislators seeking to make assisted suicide legal in that country. Read the full account and be astonished - the Swedes think assisted suicide is civilized. No, really, read on . . .
Swedish MPs tout assisted suicide
A network of Swedish MPs has been formed to push for a legalisation of assisted suicide with the group's founder comparing the issue to the abortion debate in the 1970s.
The network, while actively seeking a change in the law, is shrouded in a cloak of secrecy with the group's founder, Eva Flyborg, unwilling to divulge the identity of members.
"The atmosphere is such that we do not want to tell you how many we are or who is involved. Euthanasia is an issue which stirs up a lot of emotion," Flyborg told the Riksdag & Departement newspaper. more

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