Monday, October 10, 2011

Pro-Deathers Back At It In Vermont

Here's why we need to keep up resistance to the death on demand crowd.  They're back in Vermont pushing for legislation for medicalized killing.

‘Death-with-dignity’ bill heads for renewed Vermont debate
It was a political pep rally of sorts in Montpelier, but without much pep, largely because only 20 people attended, and the issue at hand, Vermont’s “Death With Dignity” bill, is as sobering as it is controversial.
Nancy Niedzielski of Washington state, a guest speaker for Patient Choices Vermont, who helped spearhead her state’s 2008 law allowing physician-assisted suicide, was asked to make the case for such a law in Vermont. In doing so, she told a heart-rending story of her husband’s death from brain cancer and how she had vowed to him on his deathbed that she would take up a fight for death-with-dignity rights. more

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