Friday, October 14, 2011

UK: Will Organ Donors Have Their Funerals Paid For?

Here's a little more related to the Nuffield Council of Bioethics suggestion earlier this week that deceased people who donate organs should have their funeraks paid for. If this ever happens, there will be even more financial incentives for those who wish to sell organs, trust me.
East Lancashire donor’s warning of ‘macabre’ motivation in funeral payment debate
HEALTH professionals and organ donors have warned that paying funeral expenses of people who donate organs should be approached with caution.
A leading ethics body said that patients who joined the organ donor register and whose organs were transplanted should have their funeral expenses paid for by the NHS.
The Nuffield Council of Bioethics believes the move could lead to more people donating organs.
The Government said it would consider the recommendations but donating should be ‘free from any financial consideration’. more

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