Saturday, October 22, 2011

UK Assisted Suicide Piece Tries To Be Balanced - But Fails Miserably

Here's a long UK piece about another pro-death poster person. The article tries to be balanced, but you know the reporter is in the tank on the pro-death side by using adjectives like "fatal and merciless condition," "indignities of his illness," and " His physical faculties  . . . are already pitilessly diminished." You get the idea.
I can't roll my wheelchair over a cliff so Dignitas seems a good way out', says Motor Neurone-crippled Chris Woodhead
When, two years ago, Sir Chris Woodhead lost the use of his legs completely and succumbed to life in a wheelchair, he and his wife Christine moved house.
You might assume they chose a conveniently adapted bungalow fitted with grab-rails and ramps, a short walk from the shops. You'd be wrong. more

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