Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UK's Falconer Commission Stacked With Pro-Deathers

My friend and colleague Peter Saunders supplies the context of the Falconer Commission in the UK - and how it's stacked with pro-deathers, leaving the upcoming publication of the final report a foregone conclusion - assisted killing should be legal.
Falconer Commission on ‘assisted dying’ soon to be put out of its misery
Even before it was launched in November 2010, commentators were asking serious questions about the status and independence of Lord Falconer’s so-called ‘independent commission on assisted dying’.
 These concerns intensified when it emerged that the privately organised enquiry was the idea of campaign group ‘Dignity in Dying’ (formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society) and was being funded by celebrity novelist and DID patron Terry Pratchett (who like Baroness Warnock backs legalising assisted suicide for people with Alzheimer’s disease). more

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