Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Netherlands Doctors Are Kinda OK With Killing

Well, this is hardly news, but it seems that Dutch doctors don’t mind killing you if they think you are suffering. They tend to get more squeamish when there's little or no suffering. Aren’t we lucky?
Dutch doctors still reserved about euthanasia
. . . In the Netherlands, life and death are both individual choices. That may be the image the Netherlands has abroad but euthanasia is not, in practice, carried out on any major scale. Dutch doctors are often reticent.
Take the case of a woman in her eighties. She is perfectly healthy, able to take care of herself and not in need of assistance. Despite this, she made a request for euthanasia to her family doctor saying “enough is enough”. The doctor refused point blank, since there was no question of unbearable suffering. more

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