Saturday, October 22, 2011

Woman Desperate For Assisted Suicide Considers Suicide By Cop

Here's another pro-death poster person, but with a twist. Aside from wanting to die, she's thought up several novel ways of going it, including suicide by cop.
Terminally ill Brighton woman's bid to die
A WOMAN with Parkinson’s disease has told how she considered trying to get the police to shoot her to end her suffering.
Since Sarah Brodie-Carpenter 64, of Rosehill Court Terrace, Brighton, was diagnosed with the illness seven years ago her desperation has spiralled.
She has contacted Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas, spoken to Hove euthanasia expert Dr Michael Irwin and even considered hiring a hitman or trying to provoke armed police officers to end her life.
Mrs Brodie-Carpenter said: “I am considering paying someone to shoot me. “I thought if I took tablets, what if I vomited them back up? So I thought about hiring a hitman. more

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