Friday, June 10, 2011

Euthanized Patients Organs Now Harvested

For those who think making assisted killing and euthanasia acceptable and who try to refute the slippery slope argument, read this: Organs are now being harvested from patients killied by euthanasia. This will increase pressure on some patients to request euthanasia, no doubt about it.
Transplantation of lungs: recovered from donors after euthanasia
Donors after cardiac death have increasingly provided organs for lung transplantation in Belgium. Between 01/2007-12/2009 in Leuven 17 isolated lung transplantations were performed from cardiac death donors, including four after euthanasia, Dirk van Raemdonck and colleagues (Leuven) report. "All donors expressed their wish for organ donation once their request for euthanasia was granted according to Belgian legislation. All donors suffered from an unbearable non-malignant disorder." One recipient died from a problem unrelated to the graft. The other three patients are still alive - in a good condition. more

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