Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UK: The Disabled Are Increasingly Abused

The UK is further down the road to eugenics than we often suppose. Here's a commentary on a TV undercover investigation into how institutionalized people are treated. Beatings, goading, etc. The UK is fast becoming a culture where only the nondisabled matter or are cared for.
The Panorama exposé revealed a culture of contempt for the disabled. Do we share in it?
Last night’s Panorama undercover investigation of a “care home” for adults with learning disabilities and autism has led to four arrests. It should lead to a complete shake-up of a culture that holds the disabled in contempt.
Viewers who squirmed and winced at the sight of “care” workers (a truly sick term in this context) slapping and punching their disabled charges must admit some complicity in this systemic cruelty. In Britain, the abortion law allows an expectant mother who discovers her child is disabled (and this umbrella term covers everything from Downs Syndrome through unformed limbs to a cleft palate) to abort in her third trimester. This, despite scientific evidence showing that by then the foetus is capable of living outside their mother’s womb, reacting to sound and touch, and capable of feeling pain. The message of such legislation is clear: disabled beings are better off unborn. more

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