Sunday, June 12, 2011

UK: More Opposition To TV Broadcast of Assisted Killing

The furor around tomorrow evening's showing of an assisted killing continues. Here's a member of the UK's House of Lords who opposes assisted killing.
Why assisted suicide can never be right
. . . . Last week I read that Peter Smedley had died; that he had gone to the Dignitas centre in Switzerland in December because he was suffering from motor neurone disease.
The BBC made a film about his death, narrated by Sir Terry Pratchett, who is a pro-euthanasia campaigner. The documentary, Choosing To Die, will be shown on BBC2 on Monday night and will include film of Peter's death.
I have taken a consistent view of the controversy surrounding assisted suicide. It has come up on several occasions in the House of Lords. I have consistently voted against its legalisation. more

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