Monday, June 20, 2011

Pro-Deathers Support Scots "Death Mother"

Well whaddya know, the UK pro-death group Dignity in Dying is coming out asking authorities to go easy on a "death mother" who accompanied her son to die in Switzerland. Not to worry, the authorities in the UK have already been told not to make a big deal of these cases, unfortunately.
Charity urges compassion in assisted death inquiry
A CHARITY campaigning for people to be able to legally carry out assisted deaths in the UK says the Scot who took her son to die in Switzerland should be treated with compassion.
Mother-of-four Helen Cowie, from Cardonald, Glasgow, told radio listeners how she accompanied her paralysed son Robert, 33, to the controversial Dignitas clinic in Zurich last October.
Police say they are looking into the circumstances of the case after her admission during the BBC Scotland radio debate.
Jo Cartwright from UK charity Dignity in Dying, which wants a change in the law to allow terminally ill people the right to assisted death in the UK, said: “We think people should be treated compassionately if they have acted with compassion. more

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