Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Irony Of How Pro-Deathers Choose To Die

This is a weirdly illogical story written by the husband whose late wife was an assisted killing advocate - yet chose not to die that way herself. Hubby the tries to explain how the way she died basically proves that one shouldn’t die this way. Then why the need for assisted killing?
My wife championed the right to choose when to die, the distress of her final days proves her case
There is a tragic irony about the death on May 28 of my wife, Ann, who died after battling pancreatic cancer for four years.
The many obituaries published since her death paid tribute to her professional life as a GP, writer, researcher and patient advocate — and most recently, as founder of Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying, which she formed two years ago, and as an active patron of the pro-choice charity, Dignity in Dying. more

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