Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jack Kevorkian: The Media Spin Continues

The media spin continues about what a swell guy Jack Kevorkian was.
My interview with ‘Dr. Death’
Dr. Jack Kevorkian died June 3 at a hospital in Michigan after suffering from kidney failure and pulmonary problems. He was 83. Kevorkian helped more than 130 people to die who were terminally ill and in pain. And as you may know, physician-assisted suicide is illegal in Michigan.
I had the opportunity to meet him in 1996, when Don Hewitt, then Executive Producer of “60 Minutes,” asked me to fly to Detroit to interview Kevorkian. It seemed that he agreed to be interviewed by “60 Minutes” only if I would be the one to ask the questions. Why would Jack Kevorkian want to talk to me? I felt fine! more

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