Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Read: Understanding The Basics Of What Assisted Suicide Means

If you ever need a brief, yet very accurate, understanding of all the terms flying around on this blog about assisted sucide, here's a great, accurate primer.
5 Things You Need to Know: Doctor Assisted Suicide
Americans disagree on many things, and doctor-assisted suicide is the thing they disagree on the hardest. Oddly, veterinarians seem to be immune from the assisted-death controversy, despite the fact that almost every former kid in the country has at one time submitted a beloved pet to be “put to sleep.” An anti-euthanasia activist will be hard-pressed to find a person, other than a potential serial killer, who will assert that Scruffy or Spot or Balthazar would have been better served to wheeze out a few extra last days while being starved to death in a joy-blocking haze of pain, medication and intrusive surgical procedures. more

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