Friday, June 24, 2011

Quebecois Pro-Deathers Go On A "Study Tour"

Where to begin . . . Now the Quebecois pro-deathers are going to Europe to "study" assisted killing & euthanasia - in the Netherlands and Belgium no less. And they want us to believe they'll be looking at this "difficult" issue from all angles. Balderdash. Do you really think they won’t be swayed by the predominant culture of death in these two countries? BTW, don't buy the story's line that euthanasia in the Netherlands and Belgium is done under "strict conditions." If this were the case, then thousands of patients who are killed without ever having asked for euthanasia would not happen.
Quebec delegation headed to Europe to research assisted suicide
A Quebec delegation is heading to Europe Monday to further study the thorny question of euthanasia and assisted suicide.
The four provincial legislators taking part in the mission are members of a special parliamentary commission on end-of-life issues that wrapped up public hearings this winter.
They are in the process of writing their report and decided to travel to European countries that have grappled with the perplexing questions involving life and death in recent years.
They will go to the Netherlands and Belgium, where assisted suicide is legal under strict conditions, and to France, where parliamentarians voted against euthanasia. more

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