Saturday, June 18, 2011

Assisted Killing: What About Loved Ones Who Don't Want It To Happen?

The spin continues in the UK - now an actor has come out to explain how his ex-wife underwent assisted killing at Swiss death clinic Dignitas. I can't help but wonder the particular anguish of those left behind who didn't want their loved ones to die.
I was aching inside. I didn't want Allyson to go but she calmly drank the poison and told me, 'look after our son'
STEELING himself, Chris Larner felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck as he watched businessman Peter Smedley slip away in this week's controversial BBC2 documentary about assisted suicide.
The heartbreaking scene, filmed at the Dignitas suicide clinic outside Zurich, was difficult viewing for most people.
But it hit Chris especially hard - for only last November he was with his ex-wife, Allyson Lee, when she died there aged 60. more

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