Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mocking Euthanasia, But making A Few Good Points

Here's a mocking take on why euthanasia is a good thing. However, in its very satirical slant, it successfully makes opposes the pro-death culture.
Euthanasia: a Modest Proposal
Sir Terry Pratchett, science fiction novelist and Alzheimer sufferer, made a documentary about ‘assisted dying’. The aim: to make euthanasia legal in Britain. Sir Terry’s wife is not in favour, apparently, but he is. Golly! Verily, the Book of Proverbs is right, ‘a good wife is worth more than rubies’. I confess: If I had a wife, I would like her to be like Mrs Pratchett.
Euthanasia-talk is topical indeed. Elderly people in British care homes are victims of spending cuts. The quality of their care is deteriorating. Privatisation has resulted in falling standards. The financial crisis bites. State support is short. It can’t go on like this. And so on. more

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