Saturday, June 18, 2011

Assisted Killing In Switzerland: A Horror Story

Think assisted killing at Swiss death clinic is all angels and light? Think again, and read this horror story.
Dignified? It was like an execution chamber: Verdict of loving daughter who took her mother to die at Dignitas
Karen Royle’s memories of the last precious hours with her cherished mother Rona are far from the serene, comforting images that she had hoped for.
Before arriving in Zurich, Karen, 51, had envisaged a pretty Swiss chalet, with perhaps a view of the Alps — ‘just like the pictures in the book Heidi, which I’d loved as a child’.
But the Dignitas ‘apartment’ at No  84 Gertrudestrasse, where 74-year-old Rona chose to end her life rather than succumb further to the ravages of Motor Neurone Disease (MND), bore no comparison to the picture-postcard tranquility her family had imagined. more

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