Sunday, June 26, 2011

UK's Assisted Suicide Commission A Farce

In the UK, Lord falconer chairs a high level commission looking into whether UK law related to assisted killing should be changed. However, the commission is loaded with pro-deathers (surprise!!). Here's a report on this sleight of hand.
On radio this morning, Lord Falconer painted himself into a corner on assisted suicide
On to Radio 4’s excellent Sunday programme early this morning to say what I think of Lord Falconer’s Commission on Assisted Dying, which begins to consider the evidence – such as it is – that it has invited for a change in the law in the UK on assisted suicide. . . .
No, the fascinating part was Charlie Falconer’s response. Forced by Edward Stourton to say whether a “Commission” -  nine out of 12 of whose members have publicly supported a change in the assisted-suicide law, whose chairman has “form” (Stourton’s word) in that he’s tried and failed to change the law through Parliament, which is bank-rolled by Terry Pratchett of reality-death TV fame and power-broked by the death-on-demand campaign at Dignity in Dying – could ever possibly conclude that our laws are perfectly alright as they are, replied simply “Yes”. more

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