Monday, June 6, 2011

Media Spins Kevorkian Death As Heroic

So the canonization of Kevorkian begins: Yes, he died a natural death BUT he could have ended it by assisted sucide. The piece then goes on to completely confuse matters by saying the K didn’t want any extraordinary measures to keep him alive - this is NOT assisted suicide, but the right of every patient to refuse any and all medical care.
Morganroth: Kevorkian pondered his own suicide
Jack Kevorkian was never going to need the services of a Jack Kevorkian.
He was the first name in assisted suicide, a retired pathologist who claimed he helped at least 130 people end their unsatisfactory lives. Early Friday, he lost his, as close to on his own terms as he could have asked for.
Before he was sent to prison for second-degree murder in 1999, Kevorkian befuddled prosecutors, infuriated opponents and galvanized a national conversation about the right to die. He was driven and relentless, an ascetic in a small apartment and a thrift-store sweater who saw no need to change and showed few signs of age. more

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