Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Other Uses For Suicide Hoods

Well, in my more cynical moments, I might have had a chuckle at a child molester using a suicide hood to kill himself. I guess he thought going to prison wasn't really good for that "quality of life" pro-deather argument.
Tumwater Child Molester Kills Himself With Plastic Bag and Helium "Exit Hood"
​If you're going to off yourself, science says there's no better way than strapping a plastic bag over your head and pumping helium into your lungs. It is the preferred method of the controversial assisted-suicide group The Final Exit Network, and, according to the latest academic research, it is "is potentially quick and appears painless." It's also cheap, with the "exit hood" kit retailing for a mere $60 online. The latest poster child for the process is Richard Luckett, a 44-year-old Tumwater man who was expected to plead guilty to two counts of child molestation later this week. Thanks an exit hood, it looks like Luckett is definitely going to miss that court date. more

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