Monday, March 26, 2012

Assisted Suicide Becomes Part of French Election Debate

Assisted suicide has become a factor in the upcoming French election with some challengers to President Sarkozy calling for legalization of assisted suicide. Now everyday pro-deathers are joining in.
Protesters call on candidates to change euthanasia laws
A French organisation led up to 2,000 members in protest in Paris on Saturday, to fight for the right to die in dignity. The group is calling for changes to French laws to legalise euthanasia. An opposing organisation held their own protest across town, against the practice.
The ADMD, which counts 48,000 members across France, organised the protest at the Republique square in the east of Paris.
A band of trumpets and tubas rang out, as demonstrators made their way to the nearby Cirque d’hiver for an organised meeting.
There, presidential candidates Jean-Luc Melanchon and Eva Joly were on the bill to speak in support of assisted suicide.
The ADMD called the demonstration to alert Paris’s Elysee Palace that they want euthanasia to be made legal in France, ahead of the presidential elections in April and May. more

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