Saturday, March 31, 2012

Canadian Disability Community Pushes Back Against Biased TV Report

I reported last week about the Canadian TV show that presented a massive pro-deather slant in the name of “mercy.” It was pretty biased, and now there’s some pushback coming from the Canadian disability community.
Global’s “Taking Mercy” Portrays People with Disabilities as Suffering and Subhuman; Council of Canadians with Disabilities Seeks Redress
The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), a national human rights organization of people with disabilities, challenges Global, to offset the harm it has done to people with disabilities, by running a follow-up to its “Taking Mercy” media blog.  The follow-up would counter the negative portrayal of people with disabilities presented in “Taking Mercy”, by featuring persons with disabilities who want to live and who see a danger in opening up the debate on euthanasia. “Only good can come from providing an opportunity for a broader, fairer public discourse,” states Rhonda Wiebe, Co-chair CCD Ending of Life Ethics Committee.  CCD will also be launching a formal complaint about Global’s coverage. more

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