Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Dutch Protesting That Their Killing Methods Are Misunderstood

Yes, well, what to say about a country that says disabled newborns are not euthanized because to be euthanized you have to ask for it. By the way: tell that to the hundreds in the Netherlands who are killed without never having asked for it.
Nine myths about euthanasia in the Netherlands
The Dutch law allowing euthanasia under certain sharply-defined circumstances often raises eyebrows abroad. And it gives rise to countless unfounded allegations.

The criticism is often made in foreign media that euthanasia is too easy in the Netherlands. The elderly are said to fear for their lives in Dutch hospitals. A Dutch clinic where people tired of living can have their lives terminated is apparently going to open its doors soon. These of course are bogus reports, but what exactly is the real state of play? more

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