Thursday, March 29, 2012

Canada: Caution Needed About Accepting Recommendation For Assisted Suicide

Here’s an excellent piece by philosopher Margaret Somerville warning of problems in accepting the Quebec report just published that pretty much recommends legalizing assisted suicide. 
National Assembly report reads like a pro-euthanasia manifesto
Before society responds affirmatively to the call in your March 14 editorial (“Assisted dying: it’s time for a discussion”), we will need to provide the public with a more full and open explanation of the case against legalizing euthanasia.
The recent Quebec National Assembly committee report Dying with Dignity fails to do that.
Like the previous report of the Expert Panel of the Royal Society of Canada on this same subject, the Quebec report is not balanced and reads rather like a pro-euthanasia manifesto.
The fact that it strongly recommends palliative care does not negate that characterization. more

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