Friday, March 30, 2012

The Grisly Business Of Death

The spin in this article is that the poor woman in the piece suffered so much from a  botched suicide attempt that the laws banning assisted suicide need to be overturned. It’s also a chilling look into how the death culture goes about its grisly business.
Husband's 'raging anger' at assisted suicide law
Within two months of finding out she had Huntington's disease, Elizabeth Sheldon had made her mind up. She had treated a patient with the same degenerative condition three years earlier and the memories were still vivid.
It was the "worst" case of suffering she had ever seen in her job as a district nurse.
The patient could not walk, could barely stand up and needed 24-hour care.
Mrs Sheldon's mother had suffered from the same genetic disorder and she knew there was a 50% chance that it was hereditary.
When told of her diagnosis in 1979, it had a devastating impact. more

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