Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here's Why We Need To Err On The Side Of Living

Here’s a good piece about how we should err on the side of living in difficult near-death situations.
Changing the law on assisted dying is fraught with danger
Assisted dying will be debated in parliament on Tuesday for the first time in a generation. A number of legal cases have seen repeated attempts to change the law on assisted suicide, but it remains a criminal offence for an individual to encourage or aid the suicide of a terminally ill person in England and Wales. However, guidelines were introduced by the director of public prosecutions in 2010 recommending that people helping loved ones to die should not always be prosecuted. The motion to be debated by parliament will seek endorsement of the DPP guidance. Many MPs will use the opportunity to call for a full review of the issues and laws surrounding death and dying. more

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