Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Brit Pols Draw Lines In Assisted Suicide Debate

The Brit pols are piling on to stake their claims on either side of the assisted suicide. Here’s one with the usual arguments that assisted suicide should be legalized.
Assisted suicide: MP tells Commons how dying father took own life
An MP fought back tears last night as he told the Commons how his terminally ill father gassed himself alone in his car rather than die a “lingering, degrading death” from cancer.
Mr Blomfield said that he was convinced that his father had made up his mind to take his own life after being diagnosed with lung cancer and had often remarked that that would be his intention.
Paul Blomfield said that the 87-year-old former RAF pilot, Harry Blomfield, had “lived life to the full right to the end” but had taken a conscious decision to take his own life last July.
There was silence in the Chamber as the Labour MP for Sheffield Central called for a change in the law on assisted suicide which he said would have at least allowed his father to say goodbye.
He was one of a series of MPs who spoke from personal experience as the Commons overwhelmingly backed legal guidelines limiting the chances of loved-ones being prosecuted for assisting someone set on taking their own life. more

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