Thursday, March 29, 2012

More On UK Pols Gearing UpFor More Assisted Suicide Debate

Here’s more on British politicians lining up on either side of the assisted suciide debate. This should get interesting as the UK slides toward legalizing killing. 
MPs back assisted dying guidelines
Conservative Richard Ottaway proposed a motion praising guidance issued in 2010 by the director of public prosecutions, which was passed without a vote.
The advice says a decision to prosecute someone who helps another to die must be in the public interest and must take account of the suspect's motivation.
Assisting a suicide is illegal and the issue is highly controversial.
The Commons Backbench Business Committee allowed the debate, the first full one on assisted dying on the floor of the chamber since 1970 - although there was a vote on a backbench MP's "10-minute rule bill" in 1997.
Mr Ottaway said it was "a very sensitive issue" which provoked "deep emotion", and it should be for Parliament, as representatives of the public, rather than the courts to "have the last word" on it.
He said the law at present did not distinguish between "the person who irresponsibly and maliciously encourages a suicidal person" and "the loving spouse who lovingly fulfils a partner's request". more

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