Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oregon Death Stats Misleading

Read this and see how full of holes the Oregon assisted suicide law are. After all the assurances that legalizing assisted suicide would be strictly controlled, we find that, gee whiz, it’s open to massive abuse.
Oregon releases assisted suicide stats
Oregon’s public health division has released statistics on deaths under its physician-assisted suicide (PAS) legislation. It shows a steady increase in the number of lethal prescriptions and in the number of deaths. In 1998, the first year after PAS was legalised, there were 24 prescriptions and 16 deaths. In 2011, there were 114 prescriptions and 71 deaths. A total of 935 people have had lethal prescriptions and 596 have died.
The Physicians for Compassionate Care Education Foundation, a staunch foe of the legislation, analysed the 2011 figures. Here are some of its comments:
62 doctors wrote 114 prescriptions, with some writing up to 14 prescriptions each. Some doctors knew the patient for only one week before writing the prescriptions. It is known that some doctors are prominent prescribers of lethal barbiturates for assisted suicide.
The report states “9 people with prescriptions written in previous years ingested medication during 2011”. The term “previous years” indicates that some received prescriptions during multiple years prior to 2011 (such as in 2010, 2009 or earlier). In short, some individuals had the prescription for longer than a year before ingesting the drugs, far longer than the law’s 6-months life expectancy guidelines. Some patients lived as long as 872 days after requesting assisted suicide. Clearly, the law’s guidelines are meaningless; not all who receive these prescriptions are terminal. more

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