Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pro-Deathers Pushing Hard In Massachusetts

Here’s what the pro-deathers in Massachusetts are up to ahead of the November ballot.
Assisted suicide advocates sharpen their messages
Sharpening their messages for what is poised to be a fierce campaign-season fight over physician-assisted suicide, proponents of the policy contended at a State House hearing Tuesday that terminally ill patients with months to live should be empowered to take their own lives.
“Everyone must be allowed to make their own choice with their own beliefs,’’ said state Representative Lewis Kafka, Democrat of Stoughton, sponsor of legislation that would allow patients to self-administer life-ending drugs if they are deemed by doctors to have no hope of recovery and fewer than six months to live.
Kafka spoke at a standing-room-only hearing of the Committee on the Judiciary, which took testimony on the legislation two weeks ahead of a deadline to act on the bill. more

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