Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here's How Murder Gets Morphed Into "An Act Of Love"

Oh, please gag me . . . . man kills “disabled’ wife and himself. Sheriff calls it heroic, pro-deathers jump on board. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Sheriff is a pro-deather – why else take an ultimate criminal act and make it to be a “loving act.”
Libby shooting, arson tragedy puts focus on 'aid in dying'
LIBBY - It was an act of love, Darryl Anderson said, an act of compassion and caring and bullets and arson and it didn't have to be that way.
"Basically," Anderson said, "it was a mercy killing, to end the pain. They were good people, but there was terrible pain."
William "Ted" Hardgrove used to visit Anderson - Lincoln County's sheriff - at work, showing off his inventions or detailing his own detective work on the latest unsolved case. He'd stay and chat and sometimes harangue, Anderson said, "and I thought he was just a super old guy."
Hardgrove was 81, just like his wife Swanie. She was known for her baking, and her gardening and her lace-making, and for the fact that she had cerebral palsy as well as other crippling medical problems. In recent weeks, the increasing pain had completely overwhelmed her medication.
On the last Saturday in August, Ted Hardgrove stopped the pain. He moved their valuables out of the Libby-area house and into the garage, then left a note explaining this final, desperate act of love. more

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