Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oregon Pro-Deather Lies About Their Law

Every now and again, the pro-deathers let their guard down and lie. Just outright lie. And the media laps it up. Here’s an Oregonian telling the Aussies that they should follow Oregon’s assisted suicide law guidelines because they’re so peachy. Uh-huh. The Oregon law has so many loopholes that it’s quite possible that some people have been murdered instead of being helped to “die with dignity.” Will anyone notice? Not likely, unfortunately.
Look how we do it in Oregon, the ethics guardian tells Gillard
BARBARA GLIDEWELL has had hundreds of conversations with dying people who want to end their own life, or want the option to do so. And she wants the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to know it is entirely possible to formulate a law with appropriate safeguards.
Associate Professor Glidewell is an ethics adviser and recently retired hospital ombudsman from Oregon where physician-aided death has been allowed for almost 13 years. She has overseen the consultation process for roughly half the physician-assisted deaths under Oregon's Death With Dignity Act.
''The law has worked well,'' she said. ''Oregon has been too quiet about it; we didn't want hordes moving to the state.'' more

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