Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ah, You See, It's Not Murder, It's Pain Relief!! Yeah, Sure . . .

Wanna see the sinister evil of euthanasia? Read this whole piece. A health minister says he’s opposed to euthanasia, but then euthanatizes a patient. He says he was relieving pain, and that a side-effect was death. Uh-huh. If this hogwash holds, then all those people who are suddenly murdering others and claiming they were putting them out of their misery should go free.
Health Minister Hames helped patient die
As the euthanasia bill is debated in the West Australian parliament, state Health Minister Dr Kim Hames has revealed he helped a terminally ill patient die with a lethal dose of morphine. . . . .
Speaking to ABC radio on Wednesday, Dr Hames, who is opposed to euthanasia, said he had helped a patient pass away by issuing a strong dose of morphine. . . . .
"What I did was give pain relief, and the side effect of that pain relief resulted in that patient dying then rather than in half an hour's time," he said.
"That's very different to me putting in a drip and administering a concoction of drugs deliberately to take the life of that patient." more

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