Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pro-Deather Exoo Isn't So Brave After All

Good, very good. George Exoo, who announced a week or so ago that he wanted to open and assisted suicide clinic in North Carolina, has backed off. Why? Because of the immediate opposition outcry. He says the vocal opposition has been a nightmare – as well it should be, because the only place that assisted suicide & euthanasia belong is in nightmares – the ones we wake up from, relieved that they are harmless and quickly forgotten.
Assisted suicide plan shelved
Only days after going public, an internationally known right-to-die advocate says he's calling off plans to open a center for assisted suicide in Gastonia. . . . .But last week, after newspaper and TV reports generated "nasty" website comments from the public, Exoo said he's abandoning his plans. "It's been a nightmare," he said. more

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