Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yes, By All Means: Let's Think Denial Is An Egyptian River

Ah, yes, let’s talk about euthanasia without those pesky Nazis and doctors with needles . . . Naivete, as much as anything else, will lead them like lambs to the slaughter.
Help ease the pain of dying by ensuring an exit is within reach
It wasn't the economy, national broadband, refugees or other "bread and butter" issues that animated the eight women I overheard last week in a lakeside cafe in rural Queensland. In their late 50s and 60s, the women were talking about euthanasia.
They avoided the ugly word that conjures images of Nazis, dead cats, and doctors with syringes. But how to die with dignity was on their mind. "I wish the politicians would get on with it," one said. Another replied, "Don't wait for them, when the time comes just do it." more

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